What's in a word? - His-story

Those first words of earth
Commanded life that
Made visible truth and
Described their author,
Expressed His heart of
Beauty, Power, and Wonder

His words invited
Interaction with His heart
And discovery of His glory
Continued the flow
Of His goodness as
Together they began His story. 

The word war began
With first ever untruth
Exalting death and
Enticing disobedience
Introduced alienation
From the face of life’s Word

His story is recorded
Of all His acts
Preceded by words
But a word without
Its heart housed in a body
Becomes distant

His heart took a face
Again walked the earth
Made tangible His word
Speaking life from heart pure
And followed the word
Of His Father’s will

His words live on
Expressions of hearts
Changed by His work
Through the word of His gospel
Redeeming words
Back to His glory

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1 comment:

Marcus Goodyear said...

I was struck by the idea of a "Word War" that begins with untruth. That is a strong reminder to me to be careful to pursue truth more clearly.