Onesided Oblivion

21st century cities don't sleep
Their independent occupants have lives to keep
When all is dark, the lights still shine
While some choose sleep, others pine

The shuttler of people targets each dwelling
With a caress from his spotlight to discern its numbering
In search of a rider whose face is their address
He creeps down the street with a stealth-like presence

A half block away one servant of the ill
Arrives for the night watch despite the air's chill
A return to the vehicle is of utmost importance
To retrieve the forgotten liquid stimulation

Across the road shadows trespass
The darkened lawn of a canine master
Alas the duty of owner to his fur friend
Is a midnight relief break while avoiding disturbance

In curious observance I sit in the window 
Of the sick one's prison
Amused that my presence is so unheeded
Yet joined to this community of nighttime motion

I resign my position in the night's activities
With a mental smile to the Keeper of all men's wanderings
Though we live our lives as to ourselves
He sees us all and all is well.