The Difference

Catastrophe pressures me to react
With Analysis, Cries for aid,
Gossip, and Passive observation
That leads to critiquing others' reactions.

Catastrophe causes me to wrestle
With human reactions & faith responses,
Calls me to loving, hopeful, war faring prayer
That doubt claims ineffective & insufficient.

Catastrophe tells me that I'm insignificant
And my efforts to care insufficient.
When the devastation is evident in the ruins
What prayer can I pray that will make any difference?

Jesus tells me faith's absolutely effective.
And so I pray for His redemption,
To flood the scenes of gross deprivation
And frustrate opportunities sought by His enemy.

Jesus shows me He's more than sufficient.
So along with my prayers I'll offer assistance,
That seeks to relieve the physical distress
And comfort the grief of a heart in duress.

For dormant faith's
Been paralyzed by attack,
Believing that actions won't impact
A suffering world with the gospel.

I declare that faith will work.
For it's efforts speak the hope
To a broken world,
That at Jesus' return, heaven will reign.

I believe responses in faith
Will never be hopelessly in vain.
For restorative efforts
Give a visual of redemption
That will always end with a hope for heaven.
- Sigh

(C) Eleanor Frey 2010